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The High End Graphic Tees of Factionem

Posted on April 07 2015

Factionem is a brand from Los Angeles CA that inspires the LA Lifestyle, a city populated by creative people, actors, musicians, writers, filmmakers, etc. All of them with an artistic style and laid back way of life. This is a brand for all those individuals who care about music, photography, colors and appreciate the beauty of lyrics and words, artistic people with a sense of sophistication.

Factionem graphic tees are the opposite of colorful and recharged elements. Its color pallet are from off-white, grey, creams, dusty black to charcoal. Its unique dyeing and printing techniques create a distinctive look.

Another distinction is that all the garments are made of 100% hand harvested Peruvian Pima Cotton, which absorb the dyeing pigment and give luster and silky sensation to the touch.

Factionem Graphics are unique, the graphics are truly masterpieces of art and utilize forward-thinking designs combining abstract elements of music, photography and inspiring words of achieving success representing the Los Angeles lifestyle.

If you loved the style of brands like Monarchy Clothing and Second Sunday, both former hallmark brands from LA, Factionem is your style because they have something in common, the same designer.

Ivan Rosario. Factionem Co-Founder

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